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Do Zumba on carpet with Z Gliderz™ Carpet Gliders shoe sliders for Zumba® Fitness or Salsa Dancing on carpet,zgliderz,zgliders,z gliderz

Safely Do Zumba® Fitness* or Salsa on Carpet
with Zgliderz™ Carpet Gliders / Shoe Sliders
For use with:

●Nintendo® Wii™*
●Zumba® Fitness for XBOX Kinect*
●Zumba® Fitness DVDs
●Zumba® Fitness classes
●Salsa Dancing on Carpeting

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ZGliderz Customer Reviews

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OMG It freaking works! I was so shocked it worked on my carpet. I bought Carpet Sliders and was extremely disappointed with their product. I didn't get how I was supposed to slide with an elastic type slider? So I ordered these, which I should have done in the first place and they worked beautifully! I had no problem with my Zumba.
I wish they made it like a half foot, cap and a strap that goes around your ankle so prevent it from slipping off. Like the, Brunswick Offense Shoe Slider.

At first I though they should of done a surgery type slip on or bootie for the shoes, but then you'd definitely slip and fall. I need some traction on that heel. So I went and purchased the material and will make justifications. But they work! Love them.
By 1cscheid "rtscas" (Central, TX)


I have purchased about 30 of the Zgliders after purchasing some for myself. I keep them on hand for my Zumba students. We have class on carpet, and you can tell a big difference in your knees and being able to move around. GREAT!! This product is not too slippery on the carpet it is just right. I also love the size option so they stay put on your shoes. Everone should own a pair of Zgliders. Very Happy 5 stars!
By Z-Instructor


Thank you thank you thank you for making these gliders. I love them, my students love them, and they are just cool! I LOVE the two bands that make them fit better. My suggestion to people: Get the right size for your shoes, they will fit better.
By Ronni Jarvis


Great product and Such great customer service! Thank you!
By Holly

I recently purchased the zgliders and a pair of the dance on sliders.  I really like the Zgliders!!!  I teach 3 classes a week on carpet and this work great!!  I am purchasing 2 more for some students in my class.  I will be back for more! Due to the problem with running shoes and carpet.  Thank you so much for creating these they are just what I needed. Sincerely, Satisfied Customer
By A. Daniels

I do Turbo Fire & it requires a lot of pivoting on the balls of my feet. Z-gliders have helped tremendously to reduce stress & drag on my knees! Thanks so much!! Tonya
By Tonya

I absolutely love my Z Gliderz. I like how snug they fit my shoes and don't move about at all. I didn't fully appreciate how well they worked until I put my foot flat on the floor, started to slide with the Zumba moves, and felt like my foot had a brake put on where the Z Gliderz didn't cover my shoe. What a difference! I was also very pleasantly surprised with the Z Gliderz customer service. I sent a message via Facebook asking a question, and received a very personable and friendly comment within just a few minutes! Excellent product that I will certainly recommend to anyone who wants to try Zumba.
By Sara W.

I take zumba classes twice a week on a carpeted floor. Without Zgliderz my knees and ankles would be wrecked. I love these!
By Chyna

Found these online after my zumba instructor used them and raved about them. These I HIGHLY recommend if you are doing any kind of slidy pivoty stuff on carpet like zumba or salsa. I can really feel the difference! They fit great, work great, and I just LOVE them!
By Gina Melendez

I got these because I exercise to videos on carpet. My knees are bad and I had become concerned about catching my foot and straining my knee. These gliders allow me to slide across the carpet doing multiple moves that were problematic before I started using them.

I have wide feet and these don't seem to be made for wide feet. However, I have no problem fitting them on my feet as long as I inch one band on first and then the second and pull firmly. They have not come off my feet once since I started using them, so having wide feet might be a blessing in disguise.

By L. Staley (Washington, DC area)


I really like these over the ones with one stretchy band, these fit better and slide better. The only improvement I'd like to see is different colors or more choices of colors. But they work great so I can deal with the limited colors.
By Deloris H.

My wife and I both got a pair of these, I like that they come in different sizes for each of us. They reaally stay on better than the ones made by the actual Zumba company. Go figure.
By Robert H.

When I first started doing Zumba on carpet, I was getting knee pain from running injuries back in the day. My husband first bought 
Zumba Carpet Gliders for Shoes for me, which were way too tight for my wide feet, so he had me try Carpet Dancers® which were tight and started falling apart after my second use. Then, he found THE HOLY GRAIL. These are perfect for my wide feet and make sliding on the carpet extremely easy. I do Zumba in-home 2-3 times a week so these are perfect! I've had them for a while and they're still in the same shape they were in when I first got them. I'd buy them again if they ever fell apart (doubt it!). Love them so much I made an account just to write a review myself, and I recommend them to all my friends. Bye-bye bad knees!

By Vivain C.


Ok one word: SPECTACULAR! I've heard mixed reviews about slip on gliders but a friend suggested these Gliderz because of the size options and double straps. What I really like is the material tho, it does what it's supposed to do...lets you slide on carpet. Some kind of industrial strength thick material that still slides on carpet AND rubber floors but not too much. Geez I wish I had invented these lol! They're great!!
By Marty Cabalero

Wow these really make a difference. Makes it so much easier to workout on carpet. Thanks! - Mari
By Marielle


I really like these. They make doing Zumba on carpet so much easier! I had my doubts but, tried them anyway and they really do work!
By Cinda Gates (Fullerton, CA United States)


I just started doing Zumba and I do it at home on a carpeted floor, so I needed these to keep from injuring my knees when the rubber sneaker sole drags on the carpet. I wear the lower profile, lighter weight atheletic shoes with the waffle-like outter sole on them and I wear a size 10 (women's), these gliderz fit just fine and with minimal slippage. I think I only repositioned them once during the Zumba DVD. I'm a beginner so I didn't put quite the wear and tear on them that a seasoned Zumba person might. The only complaint, if you can call it that, is that the elastic was a little tight across the top of my foot and my toes were going to sleep toward the end. I had to pause and lift up the elastic to get the circulation back in my toes again. However, I have done this to myself in the past simply by tying my shoes too tight. Overall it's a good product and does exactly as advertised, it helps you glide more smoothly over carpeted or hard surfaces and reduces the possibility of knee injury.

By K. M. Bishop "hates shopping" (Fairfax, VA)


Purchased these to help me glide to the beat! They are excellent for sliding back and forth. Very useful item for Zumba.
By Baldy 1969


They do the job when trying to do my workouts on the carpet. I do a lot of Turbo Fire workouts and need to be able to do the moves without injuring my knees/ankles. These are great!
By Natalie (California, United States)


Sister bought me Zumba workout program. Was excited to begin but doing routines on carpet was difficult and potential for ankle injury great. Found Z-gliders on Amazon and purchased. They work great! Can do Zumba on carpet without problem or injury. Price reasonable, highly recommend.
By Dorothy E. Anderson "the librarian" (Warren, OH)


These work extremely well! I got them for my girlfriend so she could do Zumba in our livingroom cuz she was having a lot of problems on the carpet. She LOVES these things and thinks I'm a genius for getting them lol! I can see a big difference in how much better her feet can move on the carpet. 2 thumbs up and 5 stars!!!
By Commadot


I usually wear a size 10 so I ordered the larger size, it took a little getting used to but they work very well. I would recommend them if you have carpet.
By yolanda blankinship


These have worked great for me. I got the medium size and wear a size 8.5 to 9. They help me with some moves that I've struggled doing on my carpeted floor. It really makes the workouts even more fun!
By Pennie F. Cramer


Zumba Time! Great product use it daily and sometimes twice a day if I play Wii with my kid and we put a Zumba game. Ever once in awhile I have to stop and fix the slider but I might do that 2/3 times in an hour span. I am a size 6.5 in shoes and I think my issue is that I got a size too small (small). I am first going to try them with different shoes but I have no plans of buying the size bigger till this one fall apart. Love this product...



They Work, I was skeptical, but they do work!. After about 30 minutes, you'll need to adjust them a bit but it doesn't bother me. I need a break after about 30 minutes!

By DLL (Florida)


Saved me from twisting injuries, I've worn these to over a dozen zumba classes so far, and they've held up, and definitely spare my knees from injury. My only problem with them is that they tend to slide down a bit, and require readjustment after each class, but they stay on during the class, so that problem is minor. Nothing lasts forever, and I will definitely replace them when they wear out.

By Joanne S. Kaufman "mom psychologist" (Cooper City, Florida USA)


I have plenty of workout shoes but none that I could use for Zumba. Wasn't sure if I was sidestepping the issue and would have to breakdown and buy a pair of Zumba shoes for my workouts. The Zgliderz did the trick so now I can use my broke-in workout shoes and safely do my Zumba workouts.

By Cassi Griswold


These came WAY sooner than predicted! They do exactly what they're supposed to, you can easily glide on carpet whilst dancing or Zumba-ing, without tearing your knees up. I think they're a bit pricey, but wrecked knees are pricier. :0) Oh, and they fit SNUGLY. I think adjustable might be an improvement in the design, but they will definitely work for my purposes.

By Howie (California)

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*Note: Zgliderz™ Carpet Gliders are ONLY for use on carpeted areas and rubber flooring.

Zgliderz™ are NOT intended for use on hard floors.


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